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Message from: Sander van Meerendonk @ 24-08-2006 / 11:57
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This is a good site with a lot of information. I hope that the pictures will be soon on line.

Message from: Wilma van Dijk @ 30-05-2006 / 18:51
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Hoi Leon, ziet er erg professioneel uit die site van jou!!

Ben benieuwd hoe het kamp dit jaar zal zijn, maar dat horen we allemaal nog wel.

Groetjes, Wilma (en de rest van de family)

Message from: H. Willems @ 14-05-2006 / 17:56
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Hey Leon,

It\'s a good build site with a lot of information and a good fast loading photo galary.
The site have give me a good impression of the camp. But the feeling how it is there and here is difficult too understand for me.
The photos reminds me on my trip to Romania.
I see differences but the general impression is the same.
It nice that there area lot of childern on the pictures. With much games and fun.
The diarry that you write gives in combination with te photos a good impression.

Your sincerly,

Message from: Sander van Meerendonk @ 01-05-2006 / 18:57
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hello Leon and visiters of this page,

I find this a good page with much information and much options. But maybe more people can visit the forum when possible.

Message from: Fons @ 16-12-2005 / 21:28
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mooie site, overzichtelijk en zo.

Message from: Carlo @ 28-09-2005 / 13:47
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Hey leon,

Echt strak die site. Ik hoop dat er nog vele jaren aan toegevoegd kunnen worden.


Message from: Colya @ 21-09-2005 / 00:31
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i can see very good photos from 2004 camp!!!
Thank u for this!!!

Message from: Colya @ 21-09-2005 / 00:25
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Wazzzzzup!!! Leon, nice web-site!!!
can you plese send me some your photo whit me by e-mail??)))

good luck;-

Message from: pierre bosems @ 17-09-2005 / 19:49
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zucces met de muziek leon

Message from: Leon Meijer @ 13-09-2005 / 23:47
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Good that you visit this site, you can leave a message your message here, you can write about the camp if you\'ve been to Russia like me, you can also just write something about this site or about your hobby\'s.

- Leon Meijer