CD and DVD

CD and DVD

Nash Dom CD and DVD

General information

What is the Nash Dom CD? The Nash Dom CD is a CD-ROM which contains lots of things from the camp e.g:

  • Photo's of the camp
  • Video fragments of the camp
  • Leon Meijer's diarry (also available on this site).
  • Sander van Meerendonk's travel report (2005 and 2006 only)
  • Russian music
  • Camp music by: Timur (2004 only, 2005 and 2006 have Nash Dom Karaoke CD on it.)

The Nash Dom DVD contains a video movie that Theo Cappon made in the camp, he filmed something almost all days.

Note: The Nash Dom 2006 DVD-ROM contains, both photo's of the camp and the movie Theo made in the camp.

Buying the CD/DVD:

By buying the Nash Dom CD or DVD you are sponsoring the Janusz Korczak foundation, so they can keep up the Nash Dom summercamps!

The costs of the discs are:

CD: €5,--
DVD: €5,--
Both together: €8,--

CD: €7,50
DVD: €12.--
Both: €16,--

DVD: €10,--

Use the contactform to order one or more discs and sponsor the Janusz Korczak foundation.

Leon Meijer